Hermes bags ~ Perfect Match ~ Hermes Scarves/Shawls

  1. Beautiful! I saw your mod picture with these lovelies & just stared at how beautiful they are. :biggrin:
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  2. Beautiful!!! Twins on the shawl weN, and one of my faves... too bad not twins on the k :lol: the stitching on your SO really makes it pop! :love:
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  3. Thank you!!
  4. Thank you @starprism_7 and @GNIPPOHS for your kind words :flowers:

    @GNIPPOHS Yay on twins on the shawl! :hugs:We may not be twins on the bag but you have some drool worthy K25s! :drool::love:
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  5. Chasse en Inde
  6. Stunning combination weN84! Deep and mysterious!

    Beautiful loves!!! Love the way you multi-wrapped the charm on the handle too!
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  7. thanks! it is a hapi double tour that is way too big for me, a gift so i can't sell it so i use it as a bag accessory/charm holder
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  8. Oh noez! Great idea fo your bag though! I have one like that too. It was a Hapi3 MM and I actually wear PM and so I went and had an extra hole punched in it at a shoe shop.
  9. hmm i might do that. so long as the tail end isn't too long it should be ok. good idea, thx!

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  11. Been using this trio alot... gris t k, ombre cdc, dallet shawl :heart:
    No filters added, love how gris t vary in different lighting

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  12. How perfect!
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  13. I love how calming it looks. She looks amazing. :heart:
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  14. Beautiful!!!!!! Twins on the shawl!
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  15. I love the main neutral colors, and the little pop of red on contrast hem and bag charm!!!
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