Hermes bags ~ Perfect Match ~ Hermes Scarves/Shawls

  1. Love it! We are on the shawl and I absolutely love your bags. They go so well with your shawl

    Can't stop drooling over your bags! Omg! I can never decide which ones I like the best - your amazing shawl collection or your stunning bags

    Stunning! What a beautiful match

    Drooling over both your GT and your shawl my dear

    Beautiful! The CW of Tapis looks ethereal and what a perfect match too

    So happy to see your beautiful pictures here my dear️... Love this
    Omg picture perfect
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  2. Playing around with my new B -

    - and a pareo I just bought to wear as a shawl
    IRL these colors are a PERFECT match, I'm sure the official color name is Rose Azalee:


    - also works with Samouraïs cw08 (the bag photographs differently in different light):

  3. Congrats again BBC. Esp :heart: the second pairing
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  4. Your B is gorgeous, BBC! Lovely pairings, just in time for spring!
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  5. Love your pairings!
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  6. I don't know how they do it, but I think H is one of the very few design houses that can perfectly carry off pink after pink after beautiful pink without them looking cheap, immature, or ridiculous. Every pink I've seen H do is just beautiful...and that includes your B and the silks!
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  7. thank you very much dear
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  8. Perfect
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  9. Thank you so very much eternal! :hugs:You are too kind! (Been missing you in SOTD!)

    This is so so gorgeous BBC!
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  10. Awww I miss you all too ... That thread moves so fast that I could never keep up and trying to be good with my shawl purchases so was avoiding the beautiful enabling pics there
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  11. Couldn't agree more!!!!!
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  12. I totally get that eternal! Have fallen for it myself a couple of times (wavey to moma and lanit! :wave: ) ....
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  13. Pairing my first CSGM Sous L'egide de Mars from FW2013 with my first SO
  14. Beautiful! Great combo!!!
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  15. What a chameleon! RA is growing on me fast. & your scarves collection is amazing :heart:
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