Hermes Bag Reveal ~ AW 16 new colour Trench ~ Reseller purchase

  1. Hi All! I just wanted to share my recent purchase from a reseller that i have discussed in the Hermes reseller thread. It was my first experience buying from this reseller (@luxestation) so i was admitedly nervous.
    Thankfully it all went smoothly and i had my new H bag within 3 business days of payment. It arrived just as described, brand new in the box with Receipt from Europe. For extra reassurance i had the bag authenticated by the wonderful Bababebi and as usual so prompt i had the result within 24hours... The bag was confirmed authentic! So overjoyed to have had a pleasant experience buying a new H bag online from a reseller.
    And without further adieu, here is the unboxing of my new beauty ~
  2. IMG_20170420_114428_20170421020433682.jpeg
  3. IMG_20170420_114902_20170421020529920.jpeg
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  4. IMG_20170420_115107_20170421020717513.jpeg
    Thankyou for letting me share ~
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  6. Great score
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  7. Gorgy, congrats!
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  8. Congratulations! Very beautiful and looks amazing on you.
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  9. Ahh, you've picked the K28 trench:smile:? Excellent choice & she looks gorgeous! Congratulation & wear her in good health :heart:
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  10. She is absolutely stunning! Enjoy her in great health my dear
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  11. The color so divine & works with everything all year around...
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  12. Thank you for sharing all the details. Congratulations and enjoy this in the best of health!
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  13. Really beautiful! Congratulations, use it in good health!
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  14. Huge congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
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