Heritage Remorse :(

  1. Okay, so most of you prob know I bought the Heritage XL satchel in white a while ago but when I received it it was damaged. So then I bought the medium Heritage tote in white. Now I am thinking I should get the satchel instead....what do you think?
  2. I like satchels so much more than totes, so I am a bit partial. But you REALLY wanted that satchel since you saw it. So if you are feeling even a little remorse over your tote choice then definately trade it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.:tup:
  3. I know and I have the PCE so that makes it only $40 more than the tote! I think I am going to get the satchel.
  4. haha ash... yeah its hard to decide..but i LOVE satchels... never was a tote kind of gal... i think if you like the satchel before you should get it!
  5. YAY!! I can't wait to see!!:yahoo:
  6. Which will you get more use out of? I think the satchels are adorable, but I'm really more of a tote girl. Also, the size of some of the satchels is overpowering for me. Does the satchel fit over the shoulder? That would be a consideration for me as well. In the end, if you dont get the one you REALLY want you will regret it - I know - been there, done that!
  7. What I am afraid of is that I will want it and go to order it and it is gone. It fits over my shoulder when I slouch it. I just love it. I can use it when I go away for a weekend or on a day when I want to carry a book and my apron and work stuff (I'm as waitress) I like the tote but it is not love. :sad: lol
  8. Ash, if its not love, you need to go get your love... the XL satchel! LOL :yes:
  9. Sorry to hear you can't decide....I guess it would depend on whether you're more hand carrying or a shoulder bag kind of person ...
  10. I would probably go for the satchel because I think totes are kind of "boring". (haha, this coming from the girl who just switched back to her Signature Stripe Tote today)

    As a rule, though, i'm not a huge fan of totes.
  11. I would go with what you really love. I have made that mistake with handbags way too may times. If you don't love the tote get the satchel!!
  12. I say satchel !! I LOVE them but im not too much of a tote girl!
  13. Thanks everyone! I am going to call before I get my hopes up.BRB
  14. This made me laugh - especially when I read your wish list! hahaha

    WISHLIST! :girlsigh:
    Tattersall/Heritage Tote
    Earth Charm

    Thanks for the afternoon chuckle!
  15. :roflmfao: I know, I know! I just fell in love with the new Tattersall Tote, but I SWEAR i'm not a tote person.

    That's it! I'm going to use a flap when I go out tonight!