Here's my new Taupe Flo Satchel!

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  1. So I took her for a spin today and used her for work and I'm loving her. I spent the night over analyzing her and the day loving her. Lol. How it is.
    I took a few pics at work. She may be "big" but I welcome and need that. I'm a "carrier." And I love and am keeping my small teal satchel, but my stuff "just" fits in it. No room to spare. So even though on the outside, the small Flo looks cuter, the big is so useful, classy and a powerhouse. Lol. Best word I could use. I felt like a lady today and dressed up for her.
    I'm also posting my two bags side by side. It came out a little dark. But I can post more later.
    I will say, if you don't carry a lot, the small is the way to go. But for big purse gals and gals like me, that pack the world, it would be the bigger-sized satchel. (And I'm not worried if people around me thinks it's too big. Wear it proud, wear it loud. Lol.)
    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1395184774.331543.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1395184786.588535.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1395184793.276361.jpg
  2. Beautiful! I have the taupe in small. I love the color.
  3. Classy and gorgeous! She looks great on you! :loveeyes: (And of course the teal is TDF.)

  4. She is very pretty! It is not too big!
  5. Bobetta she looks beautiful on you! I don't think she's too big at all. I love your whole outfit, with the taupe cherry on top :smile: I think it's a great idea to have both sizes in a collection for different occasions, especially in such different shades. Two very nice choices. Enjoy them. :smile:
  6. She looks great on you! She doesn't look overly huge, either. My daughter prefers larger bags, too.
  7. Love it! Like everybody else, I think it looks just perfect, not big at all. Love your outfit.
  8. Mornin' Bobetta!

    Beautiful! And it looks so classy on you! It doesn't look like a big bag. I carry a lot of stuff so I need a big satchel or tote too.

    Thanks for the pics! Congrats!
  9. Just look at that gorgeous satchel! It does not look too large at all. I actually prefer the look of the larger satchel to the small...I think it looks more elegant. The taupe color is just so pretty. Enjoy!
  10. Thank you, Ladies, so much! I'm loving my big, glorious bag. I love that I'm able to stash a bottle of water or my kid's extra clothes or whatever in it. Lol. It doesn't look too big when hand carried. If it ever looks big, it's when I wear it cross body. But that could be because it's still softening. I'm going to search the forum for where the gals mentioned how to shorten the strap. I might like to carry it that way on my shoulder. We'll see. :smile:
  11. And thanks Twoboyz ("with the taupe cherry on top". Lol) and Nebo for the extra love for my outfit.... :smile::smile:
  12. Beautiful bag, and looks lovely on you - congrats!
  13. To shorten the strap, attach BOTH brass clasps to the brass ring on one side and unbuckle the strap. Thread the long piece through the opposite ring and rebuckle. Voila'!


  14. Ooohh, awesome. Thanks! You spared me a search. I'm going to try this today!!
  15. u look great! pretty sweater.