1. This is my Medium Lily!! I love it so much! I can't wait to wear it!:supacool:
    Sorry these aren't the best pics.
    Picture 109.jpg Picture 108.jpg
  2. AHHHHH!!! I LOVE her!!!! Congrats. I really got get her!
  3. That is a gorgeous bag! Can you post some modeling pics?
  4. beautiful !
  5. Wow! Such a gorgeous bag, you are a lucky girl. Congrats!
  6. .
  7. yeah, the pics are horrible

    just kidding! its a beautiful bag, but we need some modeling pics.

  8. Thank you so much!! I won't be able to do anymore pics tonight, but as soon as I can I will!

    You girls are all so great!! It's so nice to share this stuff!!
  9. Congratrs!! I am hoping to use mine this next week!
  10. :tup:
    MORE PICS!!!!!!
  11. awesome bag!!! I saw it IRL at the boutique the other day and it was so pretty! And a much more usable size than the XL! Congrats!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy!
  13. She's very Pretty, Enjoy wearing her!!!:tup:
  14. Which color did you see, camel or black? If it was camel, can you let me know if it was at Northpark or the Galleria?
  15. I love it!!! Congrats