Here's a huge list of consignment stores

  1. Any recommendations for consignment shops/ thrift shops in the Tampa/Orlando Florida area? I will be there for a week and want to do some shopping!
  2. I have no idea where they are tbh hon. The only thing I can suggest would be to go through the list and see where they are all based. Sorry I can't offer any more help than that!
  3. You have given huge list thanks for sharing nice information with us.
  4. Thanks so much for compiling the list for online sites! If you're in the Pacific Northwest area of the US, here some brick n mortar stores that I recommend!

    Seattle/Puget Sound area:

    Fury (Madison Park area)
    Alexandria's (Downtown Seattle)
    Raggomuffyn's (Kirkland)
    Texas Glad Rags (Silverdale)**this is my absolute FAVORITE!**
    and both Buffalo Exchanges (University District and Ballard)
  5. thanks a lot its really nice
  6. What a great resource thanks to all for contributing :biggrin:
  7. Another one to add:
  8. Thanks for the contributions ladies! Keep 'em coming.
  9. does sell authentic handbags.
  10. Thank you very much for posting these sites! Do you know if their stuff are authentic?
  11. Dear Jenita143,

    There's a preowned H bag on that I really like! I haven't bought anything from them before- Is this a good/trusted website?

    Thank you in advance for your input!

  12. Which websites do you recommend, that have good prices on Louis Vutton bags?

    I've been wanting a LV bag for awhile, and I checked one or two sites on the list, but they were only $100 cheaper than retail. So for that price I'd rather pay the $100 more and get a brand new bag, since it will be my first LV bag.