Here's a huge list of consignment stores

  1. Ok, I've been researching online, and I have a HUGE list of consignment/resale stores. I was going to keep them to myself, but then I decided that there was plenty for everyone! BTW, they're not in alphabetical order, sorry!!!Don't forget the 'www.' in front of the website addresses, I wasn't about to write them in too. I'm probably not going to do the whole list in one go, but here's the start:nuts:: (auction) (mainly LV)

    That's for starters, more to come later. Moderators, I'm not affiliated with any one of them, I just love shopping! Everyone, hope you enjoy surfing!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. Wow! Looks like a lot of work!

  3. ssc0619, you're more than welcome! I hope you enjoy looking.:smile:
  4. Thanks for posting. :smile:
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    Is legit?
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  9. pursewatch, misschbby, I'll take 2, flowerbobon and tanya t, you're more than welcome! I don't have time to continue with my list right now, but I'll get back to it as soon as I can.

    flowerbobon, as far as I'm aware Italystation is legit. Put it like this, I found the website from a legitimate source....but I don't know 100% as I've never purchased anything from them myself, nor do I know anyone that has. Maybe you can try, BBB etc, as I didn't do that with all the sites I found. Good luck!
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    However the following doesn't work:
  11. ooohhh...that's going to be bad for my wallet.

    One to add:
  12. I guess that they are updating the websites or something, because they worked when I entered them into this thread. Sorry about that, keep trying them! Rumors boutique says it's pending renewal or deletion, so I guess we'll have to wait and see...
  13. Yay, thanks for posting!!

    Italystation is legit, but I would recommend having any bag checked first as fakes have been known to slip through even the most reputable sellers....
  14. Thanks for taking the time to hunt down these online stores - most helpful. I've put them in alphabetical order for ease - hope you don't mind. Coachlover1000 what do you think of this: If anyone has had experience with any of these stores, please note it in brackets after the name, e.g. what kind of products they generally offer, if they're any good or overpriced, customer service etc.

    Thanks again coachlover1000 ;)


    B (I've heard they sometimes sell fakes. very much like eBay)











    M (great place for vintage finds)


    P (auction)

    R (mainly LV)





    Please check authenticity by posting the item on the 'authenticate this' thread
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