Here We GO / LV story...

  1. Yesterday, I went to my townhouse closing, I am also buying a second house ( yah and ugh at the same time_)... investment stuff... Anyway, I was at my closing with my friend whose doing the mortgage for me, and the Title person. I just ran in with my lavender agenda and cles together. Amy (my friend) tells me, you need to stop spending money and invest everything you can in real estate. She asks me how much I spent on my LV pieces, I told her they were ebay... and, not much but will last me the rest of my life, unlike cheap ****... then, she says well (the title person, forgot her name) lives in a million dollar house and has invested in real estate and land and blah blah. She says, you should take some notes... Anyway, the title person comes back in and we all start talking and she tells us that she only buy fake LV and she has a friend who actually buys Prada and she can't believes she does that. And, this is a woman who lives in a million dollar house, okay? To each his own, right? I'm hoping my property pays off so I can invest in MORE LV!!!!!!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: whatevrrrrrrr.....
  2. i think people need to mind their own business,it is no ones business what YOU choose to spend YOUR money on, YOU work for it and its YOURS YOURS YOURS wow get my point LOL
  3. Congrats on your closing and your new investment! I think just the fact you were closing on one property, and investing in another shows you DO know saving/investing is important!:yes:
    Furthermore, your "investing" if you will in real LV is far more business savvy than her buying those fakes, so I'd tell them to go back to their glass house and throw some more stones....:rolleyes:
    And, another thing, it was Lavender Vernis for crying out loud!!! It's beautiful--have these women no sense!!!:drool: :graucho:
  4. I hate that! To each is own!!!!!!! MYOB.
  5. Oh Veronika- people have no class.. and good for you on your investment.:flowers:
    Your horse would look great with a Groom Bandana around his/her neck:yes:
  6. Groom Bandana for Jay Jay!!! OMG amamxr you ARE BRILLIANT!!!! Thanks ya'lll; we sure do get it for having the real thing, don't we??? MIckloisme, you are SO DARN RIGHT about buying the real thing is so much more business savvy than throwing money away on fakes..... so funny. Ya know, my friend Amy (love her) has been a blacksmith (artist) for years, she has done the most gorgeous custom iron on my townhouse; so she hasn't been sitting at a desk slaving away for over 15 years and managing etc, like I have. I DESERVE my LV!!! As do all of us, what is life all about anyway, if you can't enjoy beauty and excellent craftsmanship! Thanks again!
  7. congrats on your new investment...well each its own..
  8. Yes, I agree! People should MTOB!!! BTW, Veronika, I never knew it was your horse in your avatar!!!:nuts: I LOVE horses!!! OMG!!! He is GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  9. How would a title person live in a million dollar home unless her husband is making all the money? The title people we work with on our real estate closings make $50,000 tops. I don't know if I would want someone who supports counterfeiting and illegal bags handling anything to do with a real estate investment for me. I would wonder what other laws they skirt - to tell you the truth. I would look at the the title commitment with a fine tooth comb! LOL
  10. Congrats on your investments, me and hubby have been buying property for a few years and they have all paid really well off. Wich means more LV for me and you :yes: real ones that is ! Besides, I would rather live in a smaller house and have lots of LV then a big one full of fakes :yucky:
  11. Yea, no if only the properties she has invested in actually make her som money, since the housing market sucks - why invest in real estate there are NO guarantees anymore...better off opening an IRA or something, a real investment ~ after tax dollars, etc....real estate is a waste, those days are OVER!! But she'll never tell you that!!
  12. THanks Irene! Yep he's my horsie... and, you go icechick a big house full of fakes makes me feel a little sick to my stomach...:P :P :P
  13. It doesn't matter whether s/he's a millionaire or what, using fakes is simply wrong. They can buy a $50 multicolor Guess bag, and they don't get disrespected and they're doing something morally right. What's the point of spending the same $50 on a fake LV? In return they lose so much more.
  14. It sounds like they were ganging up on you. Your friend really had no right to do that, unless you're constantly borrowing money from her to fund your lv, then why would she care? Congrats on your real estate closing--I know how stressful that stuff is. And then those women stress you about your bags! The nerve.:mad:
  15. yep. I felt guilt as usual. Thank god for youse guys.... when i read about all the stuff everyone else is buying, I get happy and don't feel so guilty... And, how happy everyone is about it all....

    They just don't understand,,,,, isn't that sad???

    Just talked to a faculty member about wanting to decorate my new house and she said she'd never do that cause it would just be extra money going away from additional interest, etc. Can you believe people really live that way???? oh well.... my poor boss makes six figures and wears broken down sandals with holes in socks and toes poking through... I should quit. But, it's true.