Here it is: MY GRAFFITI SPEEDY 30!!!

  1. OK! FINALLY I got my beloved GRAFFITI Speedy 30 and my spree is over (for now:lol:)!!! The bag is in MINT condition but smelled of moth balls really bad!!!:yucky: SO, I turned it inside out, sprayed it with Febreeze (sp?) and left it outside in the sun for two hours!!! THE SMELL IS COMPLETELY GONE!!!:yahoo: Anyhow, here she is:
  2. omg gorgeous!! ive never loved this style but yours is tdf!!
  3. Hey lovin' the bag! its gorgeous! I bet your made up! Congrats! xxxRosexxx
  4. I love Speedy bags and I LOVE Graffiti so this bag is HOT!!!!!!!! Enjoy
  5. Gorgeous! I LOVE graffiti!
  6. That is my favorite piece in the Graffiti line, very nice.
    Are you going to carry it or is it too special?
  7. I am goig to carry it later today!!!:biggrin: :yes:
  8. :love::love::love:
    Gorgeous, it really looks like new! Glad, you got the smell out!
  9. Its beautiful, enjoy it!
  10. That bag is sooo cool! Love it! You have added many new bags to your collection lately, can you show us a pic? :smile:
  11. Beautiful bag ... I really love the graffiti line, it's so hip and fun! Congrats and enjoy, your LV collection is definitely growing!
  12. That bag is so cool!!!!!! I love it. I would love a graffiti piece so much!! Enjoy Irene!!!!!! More power to ya!!!!!!!!!
  13. Oh, it's so nice..! :love: Mind me being so clueless, but it's a discontinued range, right? :shame:

    I wish to see pix of you with your new baby... :P
  14. Congratulations!!
  15. Thank you, everyone!:love:

    I LOVE LV, the bag is from 2001 collection is no longer in production.:sad: I will post pics of me with it later on today (I am still in my PJs:lol:).

    Laura Vuitton, I will do a reshoot of my collection either later on today or tomorrow.:smile: