Here are my only H Goodies to share!

  1. I've been on the boards reading for about a month or so...actually my hubby found this board and got me hooked...HE CREATED A MONSTER!! I think he regrets showing me this website!:nuts:

    I've been keeping myself are 4 items that I have acquired with the helpful advice of someone special here on this board and I thank her wholeheartedly for all her support!:P

    Thanks for letting me share!:wlae: Hope this works!


  2. Thanks Orchid for showing me how to tie the twilly!

    Does anyone know where the name came about....Fou Fou?? or something like this??
  3. Oh, so how do you like the Medor? The twilly looks great on your HAC as well.
  4. Yay!!! You posted your goodies!:yahoo: They are gorgeous!! Your HAC is totally TDF, and the twilly is soooo cute~~~ I love the scarf and the bracelet too. Awww ... What a beautiful collection!:love: Thank you for posting!!!:flowers:
  5. You have a fabulous collection. What color is your HAC? I love all the colors in your scarf and your Twilly is adorable.
  6. lovvvely!!!!!!!!!
  7. Just stunning! Beautiful and wonderfully arranged! Thanks so much for posting!
  8. HG - I love the is funky, but you know I'm just very plain, so this gives me a chance to show the "CLOSET" crazy side of me. Haven't had the chance to wear it yet, b/c I have only been in workout clothes and I just found it on the doorstep yesterday.

    The twilly, I LOVE...I love it in my hair, but I only purchased that on Friday.

    The HAC is 32cm, Caramel color, Cherve de coromadel (sp??), w/ palladium hardware. love the lightness of it.

    The scarf, YES!! I love all the bright colors and may put that on the purse, too.

    Hubby has not seen the twilly, scarf or the bracelet. What he doesn't know or see won't hurt, but he will know they are new. He knew I got the package yesterday, but I just said it was mine!

    Thanks for all the great replies so far!!
  9. In the scarf book I have it says Tohu Bohu or Hurly Burly. Congrats so much on all your great stuff!!!! :yahoo:
  10. I love your new things! Just bought the same Tohu Bohu twilly in black. It was featured on the Hermes site a few weeks ago. Medor is a great look. I have a watch with a black box band with gold. You can find some on the secondary market it good condition. Enjoy your new purchases!
  11. What a gorgeous selction of goodies!!!! I especially adore your HAC--I really love the color and leather combination. Chevre is a favorite of mine, and the Twilly looks fabulous!
  12. Love your goodies! The scarf is beautiful, and the HAC is TDF! Love the caramel Chevre! You're so lucky!
  13. oh, that's to die for! ooooohhh, that reminded me of the HAC caramel in chevre that was in our local H store recently. that's gorgeous!
  14. wow! all this in one month??!! YAY!! congrats on all ur lovely purchases!!!
  15. Beautiful goodies - LOL, if yur DH introduced you to the site, you can't get in *that* much trouble!!