Here are my babies so far...PICS

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  1. Here's what I got so far from NM 2BUY2 event..

    First is 2008 Turquiose City -- the 2nd pic is with light. Second is Magenta Money Wallet
    DSC00524.JPG.jpg DSC00525.JPG.jpg DSC00527.JPG.jpg DSC00528.JPG.jpg
  2. Next are pics of them together...
  3. Ooopss...
  4. Last one is a 2006 Grenat First from eBay...
    DSC00532.JPG.jpg DSC00533.JPG.jpg
  5. Sorry about the's a better pic of them together and then the 3 of them :P
    DSC00531.JPG.jpg DSC00534.JPG.jpg
  6. Congrat!
    Those babies are beautiful :girlsigh:

    They compliment each other so nicely :love:
  7. You've forgotten the pics dear ;)
  8. I'm so jealous! Those babies are beautiful!
  9. I can see them fine :smile: I'm sorry!
  10. Beautiful bags! Congratulations.
  11. dimpsogre: your bags n wallet are beautifullll, i am still blurred about the NM 2 buy 2...what that means? so let say like your case, you bought 1 bag and 1 wallet, so how does it counts? tia
  12. i wish i could have been at the NM buy 2 sale.

    it's not fair for us is it aki!
  13. Thanks ;) With the 2BUY2 event, you have to buy 2 bags or wallet and handbag and you get $400 OFF.
  14. It was a great deal to pass. Maybe they will do it again soon :P
  15. Awesome collection you are grooming there! Congrats on all of your new pieces, you have made some beautiful choices!