Hemes scarf ..what do you think?

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  1. I have three H scarves and a friend knew i loved them so bought me a torrana cashmere from ebay as a surprise birthday present. she told me and obviously i said she shouldnt have spent so much but i was thrilled at the same time as my scarves are all 90cm silk. well i didnt realise but the scarf is a pocket size - about 43 cm square. my friend paid £125 and it came with box and is excellent condition - however i cant help thinking maybe its too small for a cashmere mix - would it tie the same? i have wanted a smaller scarf for a while and this probably made my friend make the choice - however are the pocket squares more suited to the silk for a more summer look. what do you all think - is there a place for this smaller cashmere scarf? i would welcome your thoughts.
  2. Absolutely there's a place! I could see this working nicely inside a shirt collar, just peeking out. You could also just throw it on and go, it would be so cozy on a cool winter day!
  3. Guess youre right - how do i clean the cashmere though as i always handwash my silk scarves?
  4. A triangle knot is perfect with the small scarfs. I like to wear them in add. with 90s too. Wash it the same way as your silkys.
  5. thanks...whats a triangle knot?
  6. how sweet of your friend to get you a nice scarf!!
  7. I have a pocket sized cashmere scarf and I love it. It can add a touch of color if you tie it and tuck it into the neck of a sweater. I'll see if I can find a picture.
  8. ^^^ mine isn't H, but I also have a small scarf like that and love when I am wearing a crewneck sweater or even a dressy knit/tee-shirt.
  9. Tangle - wow! What a collection you have. You have helped with my decision - i will keep my cashmere pocket square. Would love to see how you wear the smaller size scarf.
  10. Tangle - did you do that with iWeb? I'd like to do something similar with my collection.
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    Fold the pochette or gavroche into a triangle and make a little knot in the back.

  12. Thank you iwantahermes! It is nothing compared to the collections of many members here, but I really enjoy it. I will try to get a picture posted tomorrow.

    BBC: I did use iWeb; I used the blog function so each scarf is a "post". I love how easy it is to build a page with iWeb using pictures from iPhoto :smile:

    Vanmiracle: what a pretty way to wear that scarf!
  13. Wow, that really looks great. Have to try it with my 45 a.s.a.p. :tup:
  14. Here are some pictures of ways I like to wear the pocket-sized cashmere;
    (1) bias fold and knot in back,
    (2) bias fold, tie a single knot in front, knot ends in back
    (3) triangle fold (as Vanmiracle did) and tuck into crew neck sweater

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  15. MaiTai posted a great knot for pocket squares--its in the reference thread.