helpp i think i'm obsessed with bags. that's why i need your opinion ladies :)


Jan 19, 2010
Hi guys i need your opinion for what bag i should get for my 20th birthday.
i'm under the dilemma between Balenciaga work (any dark blue colours) in giant silver hardware or Chanel grand shopping tote in silver too or Fendi Peek-a-boo in grey-ish colour. I'm thinking of getting a bag that I can use to school, hang out etc, possibly something classic and my body is petite (about 155cm, which is about 5"01 i think).

I really don't know which bag I should get and been have been changing my mind everyday for a week now (ok i think i'm obessesed with bags).

fyi, i have 3balenciaga part-times, 1 city and 1 envelope clutch and 1 chanel jumbo caviar bag but have no fendi at all.


Oct 16, 2008
i'm obsessed with bags too! i would go with a fendi, i have two balenciaga's and a few other designer ones. But my fendi's are my fav's, great leather, the leather is soooo much better than balenciaga's, i love my balenciaga but the thickness of my spies is amazing, Plus you already have B- bags and a chanel, go for something new. Good luck!