Helpme pick, owes me 20% off!

  1. Long story short, I don't have to order a pair, but if I do I get 20% off & next day free shipping. They messed something up and want me to order again!
    I found these, some sandals and two I could wear now now. Comments on favs, and if you think they would be ok for work. I just ordered a pair of simple CL's in black. Opinions are so valued! Thanks
    In order:
    The first are Delman sandals, do not know much about Delman
    The pumps by Butter, could these go to work, too?
    3rd Via Spiga pumps/sandals.
    4th suede butter kitten heels
    and last, Via Spiga sandals.
    shoes_iaec1036636 delman.jpg shoes_iaec1044080.jpg shoes_iaec1054888.jpg shoes_iaec1057802.jpg shoes_iaec1084123.jpg
  2. Hey cjy. I like the first ones best. Also, I wanted to let you know...there's a 30% off coupon code, BSFF30, for Today is the last day.
  3. Oh thanks! I do not know much about Delman, other than they are suppose to be decent. I am rather hard on summer shoes, I thought those were kinda neat the way the straps were braided.:flowers:
  4. I like the first two the best and think the second would be totally appropriate for work.
  5. I guess I should also ask if I should buy, or keep looking??
  6. Unless you are getting an amazing deal, you should love it if you are going to buy it.
  7. Ok, I kmow what you mean. I do LOVE this pair of Prada's, but at $590 my use would be limited I am affraid, or I will wear them to death. But the are pretty darn cute, been eying them a while just trying to justify it to myself!!!! Any opinions on these, and would you wear these to work in the South where it gets prety darn hot. Should I be really bad??!!:shrugs: