1. :crybaby:The bottom of my MC Alma is soo bad , since i alway sat it down, now it had water stain and dirt . Can it be replace? just the bottom part? I'm so upset.
  2. you can probably send it in to lv and they can replace it. I want an alma but i've noticed that it gets dirty easily on the bottom
  3. I'd also rec. trying a baby wipe on it. This really cleaned up the vachetta on my Deauville!
  4. Use the baby wipes & wait it out. The bottom will develop a nice patina & most things the wipes don't take care of will blend in nicely. If you replace the bottom it will only happen again. Check out the Patina & Alma threads in the clubhouse, you will see some great Almas with nice patina. I love mine & it has aged beautifly w/o any sort of spray or special treatmnt, using it regularly is the best thing for your Alma IMO. Hope you try them & see the difference that unscented aloe baby wipes make.
  5. Yes, the only way to avoid dirt/stains on bags with vachetta bottoms is to buy one with feet.
  6. The bottom of my alma is pretty clean...but I don't worry too much about marks. They'll all blend in once it patinas.
  7. I saw some almas with a good patina: it seemed "glossy" that kind og gloss you obtain from rubbing leather with soft towels (like in men's shoes).
  8. Sadly that's the thing you have to live with where vachetta is concerned. I think changing the leather base is going to be real expensive, you may as well really use the bag to its last breath (now that the base is stained, you can just bang it about ya'know) and then buy a new one :smile:
  9. YOu can but remember it will get dirty again eventually and stuff like that.