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  1. So recently I feel like a really close friend that I've known forever and me are growing apart. Lately she has been acting like I get on her nerves 24/7 and then when I decided to give her some space she gets mad at me for not paying attention to her! She has been acting like a complete selfish hypocritical ***** lately (sorry for the language). It's like I can't do anything but when she does it it's okay. She's just been really pissing me off lately because I'm always there for her and she treats me like dirt. And this makes me kinda sad b/c we have been friends forever and I really don't want to lose her but I think that in the end we may not be friends anymore...Helpp!!! :sad: :sad: :shrugs: :sad: :hysteric:
  2. I think you should try to talk to her about this. If she still acts like that, then I think it's time to ignore her and her phone calls, etc., you're not worth that kind of treatment.
  3. maybe she has some troubles on her head and silently wishing that you'll ask her about her problem?
  4. It's best to try and talk it out with her.
    honesty is the best thing in this case. tell her how you care about her
    and that you want this friendship to work. hopefully she'll wake up and smell the coffee.
    Best wishes to you *hugs*
  5. ((Hugs)) You realize this is about her, and not you. You've done everything right and she's still unhappy. As the others said, try to talk to her about what's bothering her. If she still won't open up, tell her you are there for her if she needs someone to talk to; Then let it go-what will happen will happen and you can't make things better without her participation.

    Things like this are sad--not saying the friendship is lost yet, but for the time being, your friend just isn't the person you've known for so long. Best wishes.
  6. *sigh* This has just really been beating me up lately & I'm starting to wonder if it's my fault. I better give some more details. See this summer I made the decision to move up here to go to high school in North Carolina & I really like living up here & all & I'm making great new friends & everything is perfect except me & her. I feel like she always treats me like dirt. & there's this other girl that she hasn't known for more than a week but suddenly they are best friends b/c they bonded over this stupid "dino" thing on myspace. But I'm not sure if I should talk to her b/c once she got made at me for absolutely nothing & slapped me (not hard though) & it just shocked me & I tried to talk about it and it escalded into a huge fight on AIM. It's hard to talk to her since she really is very selfish & hypocritical & everything she does is OK but whatever you do is not. UGHHHHHHHH I just wish things could go back to normal. Thank you everyone for your support!
  7. Only you can decide if you want someone like that in your life. Frankly, if someone did that to me, I'd be happy to never see them again. I remember how hard it can be in high school between girls. I wish you the best.
  8. Now that I know your age I can safely tell you that this is typical of high school friendships. (except the slapping! I would totally cut someone off if they did this. it is abusive and unacceptable behavior for anyone). When I was in school, I had best friends that have lasted to this day (I am 43 now) but we had our ups and downs and times where one of us would drift towards other friends - its all part of growing up and discovering who you are. Be honest with her - tell her you love her but she is hurting you and to let you know what you are doing to hurt her. If she continues to play mind games, cut her loose to allow her to come to her senses. Life is too short to waste on people who abuse you and your friendship.
  9. It is going to be so hard to cut her lose though b/c I mean we have known each other since we were extremely young since she is my 2nd cousin and all. I guess what really hurts is how she treats her best friend like she is the best thing in the world & "she would never ever slap Tasha no matter what" (she actually said this to me!) but oh it's ok to slap me. And it's weird cause when it's just me & her we get along soooo good but when anyone else enters the picture I'm treated like dirt. It's like she thinks of me as some irrating thing. But I don't do a single thing at all to her!
  10. she sounds like she has some growing up to do and you got to realize this. if the friendship is strong, it will survive. otherwise, it sounds like you are being a little co-dependent and its better to nip that in the bud ASAP before that spills into other relationships (ie; of the romantic nature). just MHO.:smile:
  11. I'm going to try that & just ignore her. I hope maybe she will get the point that she can't just treat me like that. And yeah In a way I am a little co-dependant because when she was the only person I knew when I came to the high school up here. && I've met a lot of people through her and all.
  12. good luck frannie. keep us posted. we are here to support you!
  13. Okay, well now I've just read some disturbing comments between her & this other girl that sound like she is just pretending to be my friend. Ugh she is really pissing me off & I don't even want to be friends with her. If this is the way she wants it then fine. I mean I have tons of other friends that are so much funner to hang out with than her. GAHHHH she is just being a *****!
  14. And extremely two-faced I forgot to add.
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