1. Hi,

    Does anyone know if Chanel makes a black denim handbag?
  2. I know for sure that they made a dark blue denim..but you can really tell it's dark blue.
    I'm not sure about black..
  3. Yes, they made a black denim bags. They made them in 3 different sized totes, messenger bag, classic flap single strap and wallets.
  4. Thanks,

    I bought a black one today at a consignment store in Walnut Creek, Ca. and they assured me it was authentic but after looking at pictures on ebay and on the internet I'm not positive. I spent 550.00 on it.
    Can I take it to NM or the Chanel Boutique in SF to have it authenticated? Do they do that for people?? This is my first Chanel Bag

    Thanks for your help!!
  5. Sorry I couldn't be more help with the color thing lol.
    But yes, they'll definitely authenticate it for you!
  6. I don't know if they will {?}

    You are always welcome to post photos here for us to help you - there's a sticky provided at the top of the Forum called Authenticate This! is a thread specifically for authenticity questions.
  7. Actually, its against company policy for Chanel SA's to authenticate handbags. Sometimes if you personally know an SA they may look at it or some may glance at the bag and give you a yes or no nod.

    I guess it does not hurt to try, but I would not expect them to willingly look at it. Good luck with the bag
  8. was it black denim or VERY dark blue?
  9. i don't think they make black denim. the denim line that i saw in the boutique was a very dark washed blue denim, but it definitely wasn't black. you could tell it was blue...
  10. I have a blue denim tote. It is pretty dark. I'll post a pic when I get my camera back from my brother. :smile:
  11. hmm... i saw it in my looked washed black, but again maybe it could have been darkest blue.