1. I just sold someone (nobody from TPF) a coach bag from around the year 2000 or 2001 and shes saying its fake because it doesnt have a serial number on the inside label....Did Coach even have serial numbers on their inside labels back then....I really dont think so because I have another Coach bag from those years and there isnt a serial number....Plus I purchased these purses myself from a Coach store.

    Can anyone help pls!!! Heres a pic of the bag I sold...

  2. Most pouches don't have a creed patch in them. I have only seen a few styles that do, like the legacy one.

    and yes, bags back then did have serial numbers on the creeds. I think they started the numbers in the 80's.

    I hope you can get this worked out! Maybe you should suggest to her to post it on the authenticate this Coach thread to ease her mind.
  3. yes I agree with Tara too that most coach pouches don't have a creed patch...

    Hope that everything works out for you!!:smile:
  4. Im so frustrated...I dont even remember what the inside had...All I know is that I bought it from a Coach Store so I know its real!
  5. Tell her to authenticate it in a coach store if she is really saying it's fake.
  6. and like taralindsey and daniellet most pouches don't have a creed:yes:
  7. Shes from the Philippines ( like me) and we dont have coach stores here :sad:
  8. Give her back her money and tell her I know my bag is real because I bought it myself from a coach store and I don't want to do business with someone who calls you a liar.
  9. :yes: and maybe sell it on eBay or something!!! Good luck:tup:
  10. I would just explain to her that the pouches usually do not have the creeds and go from there. :tup:
  11. Like everyone here stated, most POUCHES from Coach do NOT have Creeds with Serial #'s inside. If she doesn't want it, just have her return it to you in the same condition she'd received it and you'll refund her. And you can just sell it to someone else (who KNOWS Coach) on eBay. Good luck!!