help :)

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  1. Im looking to find the fish carryall (the one with the coral)

    thanks :smile:
  2. Oh man...that is quite old...I saw them in the outlets 2 years ago. I think eBay will be your only option.
  3. LOL - I did. Me thinks nobody will be BINing. :p
  4. Actually, in looking further, there are two sizes. This one is the smaller of the two, 1489, which is the one in the ebay link above:

  5. didn't they have this in white?
    i thought i remembered seeing it in white when i was searching for a beach tote.
    i think this would be a perfect beach bag. :yes:
  6. Try Loehmann's they had this style and the ones with the bubbles (white with the fishys) recently (in the last four months). Other than that I would try ebay. GL!
  7. [​IMG]

    I have the 1489 (green) *shown above -- and it's a good handbag size.. definitely not a tote size. The blue colored one (1490) is larger but still not really sized to be a beach bag..
    I love it and used my bag religiously when I got it.. now it just sits on a shelf. Perhaps when the warmer weather comes around it'll get some more use.

    Good luck in your search
  8. yes i remember the bubble one was at the outlet last spring, so that might be easier to find....resort isn't it?