1. I was planning on purchasing a damier speedy as my 1st LV, but as I was browsing through the forum I came upon the Berkeley. OMG! I AM IN LOVE! :heart::love::drool: I can't believe how much I want this bag! In both colors! I've never felt this way about a handbag before. LOL I am truly, madly, deeply, insanely:nuts: in love with them! All I know is that they will be released in Nov....?

    Please excuse my newbie-ness, but how does one go about acquiring them? I live no where near any LV boutiques. Is there a waitlist? Do I call the customer service number? Will they have them on elux? Any info. will be greatly appreciated. so many questions! Thanks in advance!:flowers:
  2. I'm in love with the berekley too!!! Its almost the perfect LV bag, it has a pocket outside it can fit on your shoulder, it has feet and extra support with the vachetta, its pretty perfect!!!! Its way out of my price range but maybe when I graduate college I can get it lol

    But anyway.... lol......You can call the customer service number or any LV boutique and ask when its coming out (i don't think its out yet)... If there's a wait list you can get on it and you can do a charge send with the boutiques.
  3. I think it is adorable too! I can't wait to see it IRL!
  4. does anyone have a picture?? i just tried to search it but I couldn't find any posts where the picture still works... thanks...
  5. isn't this it? :confused1: forgive me if I'm wrong!
  6. here's another...
  7. ooh thanks kimalee!!
  8. Oh thats pretty !! :drool:
  9. OOOHHHH :love: That's nice! Any idea how much it will cost?
  10. OMG like okay i need the price!!!!!!!!
  11. hmm i can't find a price anywhere...i'll keep looking!
  12. Weren't the Azur Berkely's postponed?
  13. kimalee - i love your new avatar!~
  14. hehe, thanks! I can't get over that song...! Especially when he says Louis Vuitton lol...
  15. I've heard they've been postponed, no news on when they will be released -- I know a lot of us are waiting to see them IRL .. initially we thought they'd be out in June and they've been put off once or twice now. I agree, its a great looking bag! Might be my first Azur piece :smile: lol