Help with YSL hardware placement

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  1. Hey, I am very new to the YSL world and after saving a lot of money, I have decided to purchase a large YSL envelope. I am interested in a particular new arrival one (1st pic) . My only question is why is the logo placed higher up compared to all of the other styles (2nd pic). My problem with it is that I think it makes the bag look awkward, plus with my height and arm length ratio, I worry the logo will be hidden when I wear it most of time. To make matters worse, the bag is only available online in Canada and I would have to travel to the U.S just to see how the bag would look on me. I was hoping someone could confirm if the logo is where it is in the pictures or if the logo is actually lower. Thank you .

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  2. My bag looks exactly like the one in the picture. It is black with gold hardware.
  3. Mine is black with gold hardware and I have another rose antic with gold hardware. Both of mine have the Ysl logo lower down, like the one on the top right in the photo
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