Help with wrist tattoo?

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  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    I just want some opinions but only from people who actually like tattoos. I don't mean to sound rude but I don't really want to hear 'don't get a tattoo' e.t.c. I appreciate tattoos arent everyones cup of tea and there not for everyone. I know some people really don't like them and I respect that but this is my decision.

    I'm getting a memory/tribute tattoo of someones name with the date of birth and date of death on my wrist but I can't decide which way to have it.

    Facing everyone else or facing me so I can read it? Obviously I know what it says but it would still be nice to look at it and be able to read it properly.
    I'm really tempted to have it done so its facing me because after all this tattoos for me and no one else and I'd like to look at it whenever I want, that way it would be easier for me to read it. But then it will be upside down won't it?
    I'd like other peoples opinions.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I'm definitely a huge tattoo fan! As long as the design is custom, has personal meaning & doesn't appear to be random then I'm all for tattoos. In fact, I have a large back piece that's in memory of my mother. My opinion would be to have your tattoo facing you & going long ways up your wrist area. Not across wise. Make sense? Thats just my personal opinion though.

    Please keep us updated as to what you decide? Good luck!
  3. Also, please post pix once your work is finished if you feel comfortable enough to do so?
  4. Hey thanks. The thing is I'm having a first and last name with the full date of birth and then the death, so I was thinking of having it across.
    It would look nice the way you say if it were just one name.
  5. I have a wrist tattoo and it faces so I can read it. Honestly what you are describing sounds like a lot for a wrist tattoo to go across IMO.
  6. My tattooist said it was fine. I have wide wrists!
  7. A guy at my work has the same thing on his wrists and he got it facing him.
  8. Ill be honest..I love tattoos but not on the wrist. However since thats where you want it I would get it facing you
  9. I would get it facing me personally. Just to be sure, let the artist place the sketch both ways. I love wrist tattoos and I plan to get one in the future.
  10. Well that's fair enough, your entitled to your opinion.
    I personally love wrist tattoos. Its the nicest place to get tattooed in my opinion.
  11. towards you after all it's for you!
  12. I have a wrist tattoo but it's facing out so that everyone else can see it. Mine is just a heart with vines but I thought it would look better facing out.
  13. I love wrist tattoos! I have 3 :smile:
    Normally it would have to face out so it won't be upside down to everyone and when you have my arms down, but in this case it would be great to have it facing you!

    Gd luck and please update us with a pic on the tattoo thread!! I can't wait to see it!
  14. Facing you for sure. I love the idea and I think it will look like a lovely bracelet.
    People will still be able to see it when they glance at it from the same direction you do.
    Would love to see it when you can post!
  15. My wrist tattoo is facing down towards my hand so other people can see it. It's also an anchor shape so it looks more balanced that way I feel