Help with the leather treatment...

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  1. Hi, I have a 2007 black and for whatever reason it is not as jet black as I would like it. So I spoke to Barbara at Loving My Bags to see which of the many products she would recommend to help me and she said she felt the Shine Restore would make the color darken. I only just received the product and haven't had a chance to try it. Will let you know how it works. i hope to get to it tomorrow.
  2. Is yours RH or GGH? My SS07 Black GGH Work isn't jet black either, but my FW07 RH city is really dark black - and at first the Work color bothered me, but now I love her just the way she is!:love:

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  3. HI, my work is RH and the colour is similar to yours. I like it, but I think would look better if it was like your Black city.
    Your bags are beautiful!
  4. HI Lorrmich, thank you, please let know what you think, if works. I hear that Lubriderm makes the colour darker, have you tried this one?