Help with return to ELUXURY

  1. I bought my brother a LV mono wallet for Xmas. He reluctantly told me last night that it's coming apart near a seam. :crybaby: I was so disappointed and so was he.

    Has anyone returned anything to elux? If so, what is the process/procedure?

    I guess I will call them tomorrow. My brother lives in Maryland and I'm in SC, so I'm not sure the best way to go about this.

    Any ideas? :s Do you think eluxury will give me a hard time about it?
  2. Well if you want a refund, you will need to talk with eLuxury directly. If you are looking to simply exchange the wallet, your brother can go to the LV boutique with his receipt and explain the situation and do an even exchange or exchange the wallet for something of higher value.
  3. just call them up!!! most of eLux people are very helpful and friendly!!! either exchange or refund, they are pretty quick about it too!
  4. Yup, I agree, definitely call them :yes:
    They won't give you a hard time, don't worry.
  5. I had to return something to them once b/c it just wasn't "me" afterall. I called them to ask about their return policy and they were unbelievably nice. I shipped it back to them UPS insured and they received it and credited my account within just a few days. :smile:
  6. Awww... sorry to hear that about your brother's wallet... good luck with the return, even though I don't think you'll have a hassle. ;)
  7. Elux is great, I'm sure it'll be an easy return or exhchange.
  8. You need to call Eluxury for a "Return Merchandise Number" and they're open till 7pm Pacific standard time. They're really nice and helpful. In fact since your merchandise is defective let them know and they will even send you a courtesy 1.) prepaid postage with Fedex or, 2.) they can schedule a FedEx person to pick up the item at your residence, but you need to be home for this one. Hope things work out. It's not that bad.
  9. I bought a handbag in eluxury and it's defected !!!! :sad:. Do you think I can exchange it with the same item in LV boutique?
  10. I'd give Elux a call! They are always so nice when I talk to them!
  11. ^^ FYI: If you purchased an item on eLuxury, you can only deal with eLuxury for returns/exchanges, not an LV store. This policy came into effect last spring. If the item is defective, you can talk with them to see if you can still return the item beyond the 60 days.

    I think this thread is done.
  12. Thank you clake76 for your help. :smile:.

    Today I went to the boutique to exchange my bag that is defected (shipped from eluxury). I think I spoke with the manager since that guy seems to have high position, looking from his appearance ^-~.
    I told him my situation and he asked me on which part of the bag is defected. I showed him and he asked me when did I get it. Then he checked it (Oh man, may be this is the first time I paid attention to how SA checked exchanged/returned item but he checked it very detail. Perhaps he's afraid if it's fake, has been used or something :smile:). Short story, he gave me the exchange item, happy and satisfied with his customer service. Thank you LV !!