Help with my first Christaian Louboutin

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  1. #1 Jul 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
    I want to buy my wife her first pair of CL's. She finally agreed to let me buy her a pair if I can find some onsale in the $300 range.

    At first she could never justify buying a $100 handbag and now she owns JC's, LV's, RM and bulga's...some with price tags well over a $1000. She knows I'm obsessed with handbags and shoes and I think she is afraid that after her first pair her collection will grow.....which is what I'm hoping for:graucho:.

    Ok so what I would like to find is a pair that is at least semi-comfortable (is that really possible with a pair of heels), could be worn with a business suit (she typically wears a Burbery skirt suit) but could be worn out for dinner, a classic pair that will not go out of style anytime soon (in case I lose my fight and it's the only pair she ends up with) and a long lasting quality. Also the most important a pair that isnt too high or too steep. Do they make one lower than the simple Napa pump?

    Any suggestions on a particular style or where to buy them onsale (in store-not online as she would have to try them on) in the orlando area.

    Is it even going to be possible to find cinderella's slipper?
  2. this is a tough one!

    1st i thinks the kind of shoes u r describing is more of an essential style which CL normally don't put on sale. simple pumps in black or nude never go on sale. You maybe able to find a sling back in the department store on sale or a lower heel one but might not be able to find the right color.

    also 300ish range means that at 50% off the retail price should be around 600-700ish. and not a lot of CLs are at that price range nowadays... so it's going to be really hard.. but maybe go to saks or NM to try your luck.. :smile:
  3. #3 Jul 16, 2009
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    Yea...I thought it would be a tough one to score but Ill keep my fingers crossed! Ive seen alot more with Jimmy Choo's in that price range at Off 5th and such but really havent seen any CL's there. We saw the "Proposal" last weekend and my wife noticed the classic red soles of Sandra Bullocks CL's and made a nice comment about them. After the movie that's when I made her a deal....If I hit a certain goal at work can I buy you a pair. She agreed but said I could only spend $300. Perhaps I should re-negotiate! I would really like to get her a classic CL to broaden her shoe collection. She has a buch of really cute shoes ($100-$150) from department stores but nothing truly classic.
  4. You should head on over to the CL sub-forum!
    I'm sure the gals there will be able to help you out!
  5. You know I looked for one and didnt find it until just now. Thanks.
  6. no problem!
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