Help with Mulberry Number 2

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  1. Hi!

    I am currently thinking of getting a second Mulberry bag- I already have a regular oak alexa.

    The planned price increase has pushed me into it a bit sooner than I would have wanted but I would regret not getting it now and paying £100 more in a months time!

    The thing is I have always wanted a black bayswater. Is this a good choice or just boring?
    It would be the nvt version as I have heard the shiny gold hard wear on the other scratches quite easily?

    Or in the back of my mind there is the sbs in black??

    I use my oak alexa every single day- whether at work or just out shopping. I think I want this primarily as a work bag.

    Does anyone have any opinions on the best option or even any other suggestions?
  2. Would you prefer one with a cross-bosy strap as the Bays does not come with one, the SBS does though? I believe the SBS is quite small so think about how much space you will need plus as you already have a satchel bag (Alexa) then a Bays would be different than the SBS.
  3. I love my Black Bayswater and can see myself using this bag for a long long time!! It is an excellent work bag IMO although it can get a bit heavy if you overload it with stuff. I think it is fine for commuting too as it is so hardy. It would complement your oak alexa I think.