Help with messenger style bag

  1. Hi all,

    I need to look for my first messenger style bag..and I'm considering between the Tulum GM & Mini Lin Saumur XL.
    Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm using this bag as a diaper bag..thus the reason why I can't consider the smaller styles.
    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance! :smile:

    (P.s: I don't mind mini lin cotton/linen canvas cos I'm planning to treat it with Vectra Spray; if I were to get it).:idea:

  2. i love the tulum gm, it doesnt look like a diaper bag so you can use it for longer. its a great size.
  3. I would advise you to get the saumur in mini lin...:amuse: good luck with your search and post pixs when you made your buy
  4. Thanks cherrie pie, Teddyraph :smile:

    I need more opinions please.. :idea:
  5. I don't know anything about the Tulum bag, but Saumur bag might be hard to get in beause of the buckles... they don't use magnetic snap closure on this style. If you don't mind it, then I really like the style of Saumur. (It's got double pockets... like the horse saddle) You just need to remember which pocket (front or back) you put your stuff in because each pocket is double strap buckle closure.
  6. I like saumur better
  7. I like saumur but have to seen the XL IRL yet, it's so huge!!
  8. Get the Tulum GM, I got it for my mom for her birthday last year & she loves it!!! Also, I just love the gold twist-lock!! :heart:
  9. I like the Tulum GM too. I saw it on a lady once and I loved it on her!
  10. My friend used the cite GM for a while, and then downsized to the reporter bag!
    This is a pic of the MM, same style but the GM is obvoiusley bigger.

    This is the reporter!
  11. Have you considered something in the denim line (with long strap)?
  12. Tulum for sure!

    How about Croissant GM for another option?
  13. Mini Lin Saumur will be a great diaper bag:yes:
  14. tulum gm..I have the pm and love it...wish I would have gotten the gm
  15. I have Tulum GM, it's great.