Help with Louboutin Hung Ups!!!

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  1. hey guys!
    so i'm becoming increasingly more obsessed with CLs with each day and have decided that i really want the hung ups!! i've seen quite a few pairs on eBay but i would like some opinions for those of you who have the Hung Ups or just CL's in general:

    - what is the sizing like for the hung ups? i am usually a size 7 in other shoes (miss sixty, dior, aldo, etc) and have tried on a CL slingback peeptoe which i needed a 38 in.

    - are they comfortable to walk in? does the back of the shoe (the "bootie" part) chaff your heel? do your heels ever slip out of the shoes?

    - is there any support for the balls of your feet, like a slight platform? or is there just a thin piece between your foot and the pavement?

    - lastly, if you have the metallic dark grey, does the metallic colour fade or chip with wear?

    thanks so much in advance! i would appreciate any advice you can dish out for me! :smile:
  2. I found that the Hung Up are pretty narrow. I had to go up one whole size. They were a tiny bit loose though but it was still ok. I did have the black calf version and it did get scuffed up easily. I didn't even wear it out and it was a tiny tiny bit scuffed. They do look really hot with jeans though.
  3. I have two pairs of HungUps, and one is the anthracite ones that I think you mean.

    The leather is buttery soft. Abso fab!

    The sizing is like the decolette -- about a full size up from your non-pigalle, close-toed Louboutins.

    The back is soft and cut a wee bit short, so you'll have to get used to less support there if you're going for the anthracite HungUps. I found that after putting in a little pad by that area, everything worked out well.

    Comfy? I find them comfy for the heel height, but everyone's sizing is different, so you'll have to test drive them to find out for yourself.
  4. thanks javaboo and fatefullotus! i really appreciate your advice :smile:

    Fatefullotus, when you say that "the back is cut a wee bit short", does you mean that your heel isn't secure in the shoe and may slip out?

    I don't own any louboutins so i don't know what size i would normally be in them... but in other shoes i'm normally a 7. Would you guys advise me to go up one size for the Hung ups? Thanks again! :smile:
  5. Mancho, today I saw a pair of gold python hung ups at Barneys - they were a size 7.5 which sounds like what you need. Plus they are on sale. I asked the SA for a pair in my size, but I was informed that the 7.5 is the last one available. Try calling Barneys - Jennifer can help you. I think they were $410.
  6. If 7 is your normal size, you should definitely go 1/2 size up unless your feet is really narrow. I went a whole size up but it really depends on the material used on the shoe. I got black calf and I think they stretch so I think in that material 1/2 would be ok for me. If you go whole size up you can use a heel grip so your heels don't slip out.
  7. thanks kamilla!! but i think they're gone... :crybaby:i'm on right now and i don't see them.. but just because they're not on the website doesn't mean the stores won't have them right? which barney's did you see them at?

    it really sucks because i am overseas right now in asia and not many places here carry louboutins...and the ones that do don't have the hung ups. so i'm a bit hesitant to purchase them over the internet, because i'm unsure about sizing...even though i really really want them. i guess its better to buy them from barney's rather than ebay because i can always return them to barney's if they dont fit right?

    thanks for the sizing advice javaboo. i think i may have to go up a whole size because my feet are quite wide. are the hung ups pretty true to size?

    thanks you guys i appreciate all your sound advice:tup:
  8. No, they are narrow but then if you go up too much the shoe might be too long for your feet. I can get my size 5 feet into a size 6 ok.

    I'm a size 5 or 5.5 in Aldo shoes, size 5 in CL decollete zeppa, size 6 in CL decollete 686, size 5.5 in CL Miss Boxe, size 5.5 in CL very prive, size 5.5-6 in Hung Up, I have size 6 in Dior flats but I think 5.5 is my correct size.
  9. thanks javaboo :smile: i will probably go for the 8's, since i'm 7 normally.
  10. Mancho - I saw them at the NYC store.
  11. thanks kamilla!! :biggrin: and all the other girls for your kind help!
  12. ^ thanks dls80ucla! but i think size 7 would be too small...i am a size 7 normally but from what i hear, these run a bit small so i think i'm probably an 8. thanks a lot for letting me know though, i really appreciate it! :smile:
  13. oh man I had these for a wek before I returned them. THey are cut very, very narrow in the front so if your feet are not narrow then try them on first. As with most other CLs I went up a full size in these :sad:
  14. harlem thats too bad you had to return the hung ups! they are so hot! was it because it was too narrow in front and hurt your feet? i have fat feet so that doesn't sound too promising for just sucks because i can't try them on anywhere!:cursing: what colour did you get?