Help with info on this color moto hobo?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I snagged this bag at Nordstrom Rack yesterday (such a great deal), and like a typically bag-obsessed person I've been trying to google it for more information. I've only been able to find the port color online, but it's a pebbled leather and this one is smooth. Does anyone know what this color is called? What jumps out at me is that the tassels are more of a brick red on the underside and the hardware is gold, which doesn't seem to match up with any of the reds I've seen online. Help?

  2. Guess just made in different season. I got a black one same leather as yours, and a different color in pebbled leather.
  3. The tag should have stated the color. Or is it covered by the NR price sticker? Can you remove it carefully and see if the color name is underneath it?
  4. I do think that it's Port. Sometimes the color changes a bit from one leather type to another. It also depends on the collection/season. I've seen a Port Mini Mac with tassels just like these before. It had the black butterfly lining.