Help with Hair and makeup

  1. I'm going to my cousin's wedding this friday and i finally found the dress - it's a long slimming black dress with low v-neck back.

    I need serious help with hair and makeup. i have a specific hairstyle and makeup in mind but i'm open to suggestions.

    this is kinda corny, but i love heather graham's hairstyle in Austin Powers (see attached picture).
    So i'm thinking with dark eyes and light lipstick, it might work for the look i'm trying to go for.

    So here is my dilemma, does anyone know a really GOOD hairstylist in the Bay Area that could do my hair and makeup on Friday?

    I'll try to post pics of my dress so you can get an idea. I have long brown hair and i'm about 5'3.
  2. That hair Heather Graham is rockin' is rally sexy! But I think with a low v-neck backed dress, it would look really good up. Maybe with a pomp or something if you have bangs.
  3. I still need help!!

    Here's pics of the dress and hair down/up
    dress.jpg DSC04533.JPG DSC04531.JPG DSC04536.JPG
  4. [​IMG] Go with your hair up, you will look fantastic! this JLo updo can be a medium between that pouffy Heather Graham look and an updo.

    Scarlett looks great here too..I think her updo is classic.
  5. A classic french twist would be fantastic. If you're really fair, go with simple light brown-taupe-beigey eye make up with loads of dark brown mascara, lightly pinked cheeks and a light pinky glossy pout. If you're more on the tanned side, go with a smudged eyeliner (smudge it in such a way that it looks a bit more like eyeshadow), bronzed cheeks, illuminizer on cheekbones, forehead, nose bridge, chin, and coral lip gloss.