Help with Faded Green Spy?!?

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  1. My friend has a green spy for sale but am not sure what to offer, as it's pretty faded or worn, not sure which - she's asking around $1k for it, but I think due to the fading/wear, can't tell which! I *really* want to get another spy in this color and they're hard to find...but don't want to overpay for it.

    Would using applegard bring some of the leather color back, make it less noticeable? I would appreciate any help - advice - anything. Thx girls :nuts:


  2. Fendi recommended a leather place to have it touched up...if you call them they should be able to give you that number. I wouldn't pay more than 850-900 for it personally. I found a blueberry in mint condition for 850...and they had a HUGE sale at Gilt Groupe for NEW spy bags for 1000 bucks m opinion! It is pretty and I LOVE the green spys for 2005, I think that was the year they made them.
  3. I wouldn't purchase it if its fadded and worn...I know its a rare color but i have seen green spys in better condition for around the same price!