Help with deciding which bag?

  1. My cousin wants to get a new LV. She asked me to post here because she will not use her computer at work. She is thinking about getting one of the following:

    The large monogram backpack.

    The perforated Speedy.

    She already has the Speedy 30 and the large Noe. To me the backpack inside is just like the Noe, but we are not sure if everyone carries it as a backpack. A lady in my daughter's dance class has the large backpack and just slings it over one shoulder.

    To me I feel the Perforated Speedy seems to be the same as the mono speedy but it is my belief that it has more structure.

    She really wants to know feedback on what people like about these bags.

    I think the preforated speedy looks like a dog carrier, but that is my personal opinion. I myself had a large Noe, and it was a favorite bag of mine, I loved how I could just throw everything in it.
  2. I personally don't like the perfo...but everyone is different! It is a limited edition piece that will be very hard to I would say if she likes that one go for it, because won't be easy to find soon and will surely increase in price!
  3. Is the perfo more structured?