Help with Chanel sunglasses.

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    Hi, I wanted a certain pair of Chanel sunglasses for a long time - brown with squarish frames and large mother of pearl CC on the arms. I finally tracked a pair down as apparently they have been discontinued as they are an old style. I tried them on and I wasn't so sure. They seemed too in your face with the big CCs. Chanel seems to have moved away from the big logos and this season's sunglasses are more understated. What does everyone think? Do you think it's worth getting an older style, that might look dated, or would it be better to get a newer more understated pair but where the logos are hardly noticeable (I do want it to be known it is Chanel if I'm going to be paying that much money!)? Also, what does everyone think of tortoiseshell? Is it a bit dated?
  2. Personally I think tortoiseshell is timeless, it can always be worn, and it flatters so many skin tones.

    Big logo's vs small, I know the sunnies you are referring to, I used to have them in white with the MOP CC's on the sides (sold them). I think you have answered your own question when you said "I tried them on and I wasn't so sure. They seemed too in your face with the big CCs" To me, if I have to second guess something, then it's not for me. I think those sunnies are very pretty, and they look good on so many people too. But it sounds to me that you would prefer a newer style of sunglasses :smile:.
  3. i have purchased sunglasses from older seasons before...

    I think that most Chanel sunglasses are pretty classic so you would be able to enjoy them for a while!
  4. People either love or hate big logos. It's really a personal preference and taste whether you like the big CC logo or not. It sounds like you weren't too happy with it after you tried them on. You should go with your gut and probably get a smaller logo, more understated pair.
    I have 8 pair of Chanel sunnies and the 5102's that I have are the biggest logo. I love the shape of them, but I rarely ever wear them because I really don't like the in your face CC logo. I painted the logo black to try and tone it down, but I still hate it. I think that I am going to get rid of this pair of sunnies soon.
    Just follow your gutt and first impression of any sunnies that you try on. Like you said, it's alot of money for a pair of sunnies so be sure that you will love them for a long time and not be a pair that you will tire of quickly.
  5. Hmm, well if you have to second guess the purchase, then maybe they are not for you. I have these sunnies in black and tortoise, but the logo doesn't bother me that much, because my hair tends to cover it (and I prefer that). I think the tortoiseshell version (or any tortoise pair) is timeless and and very flattering. I don't wear my MOP sunnies often though, because I have tons of other sunnies I prefer. I rarely wear my hair back, but if I do and the large logo shows, I make sure to take it easy on any other logo items. :P

    As for newer sunnies having smaller logos, not really, because there are plenty of sunnies with larger logos... I think personal preference (big logo v. small logo) is far more important than what seems to be the trend of the season... JMHO. :flowers: Sounds like you should get something else. :smile:
  6. Thanks for your input ladies. Think I will go back and try them on again. When I tried them last year I loved them. I like the size of the CC but I think it's the fact that the Mother of Pearl doesn't show up and it just looks like white CCs from a few steps back. Maybe if they were gold or something I would prefer them. There are a lot of fakes around in this style as well if you trawl the internet so I think that's what put me off a bit as well.
  7. I think tortoise shell frames are classic. Some skin tones actually look a lot better with tortoise shell as opposed to the contrast with black as sometimes it can look harsh. So in that regard, it definitely depends on your skin tone and which color looks more flattering.

    I think the sunglasses you're talking about are the Chanel 5076 H Mother of Pearl sunglasses. I don't own them, but i think they are really nice sunglasses and i wish i had bought them when they came out but i wasn't really into sunglasses back then. If you love them, then i suggest getting them at an authentic sunglass store as soon as possible as the internet is full of fakes of that particular model.

    A lot of people are still wearing this particular style, because it still looks good. The shape is a classic rectangular frame and the logo is prominent so you can tell they're Chanel without it actually being spelled out. But the shape, size and style is the most important factor for me. Once i find the perfect shape then i look at the logo and decide whether it is too much or not enough for my taste.

    Try on as many sunglasses as possible and go with what you really love, that's the only way to buy without regretting it.

    P.S i have to disagree with member luvchnl, i saw a few pictures of luvchnl wearing the Chanel 5102 sunglasses and i fell in love with her photos. She is the reason i bought the Chanel 5102 as they looked so good on her. I normally wear really oversized sunglasses but these where smaller and now I love mine. I think the logo is perfect, not too big not too small. Shame she doesn't like them though. Just goes to show you that individual taste varies so much.
  8. one more thing, so what if the logo is big. There are so many fakes, copies, replica, immitation and inspired sunglasses in nearly every store you walk into so now i actually think that it is okay to have a big logo. If you love the sunglasses and spent the money on it then you have every right to be proud of the logo your wearing. But don't wear too many logos with your outfit at the one time ;)