help with cement petal to metal natasha

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  1. i have been so careful with my natasha but i just noticed that a blue colour has startred to show on the back of my bag due to colour transference. i don't know how to get rid of it.any suggestions???
  2. This happened to me with my brown sasha! I'm going to try spraying it.
  3. do you wear it a lot of jeans, crossbody?
  4. Unfortunately, it seems like this color has been problematic for a lot of other tPFers, as well. You can try to remove the color transfer with leather conditioner, which may or may not work. The tricky thing about color transfer, though, is that it has a high probability of coming back/getting worse. Try doing a search (there have been a lot of color transfer questions) or looking at the FAQs for more info about leather care:
  5. ye i wear it crossbody as its too long just on the shoulder.its a pity that i cant wear it with jeans if this is what happens everytime i wear it.