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  1. Hello ladies -
    I am new here, and am also a guy... While I am not looking at purses per se, I AM looking at Coach briefcases, totes, etc. I bought my first "murse" about 6 years ago and it made life so much easier... However, it looks like crap now and its time to upgrade. Living in Kansas and being a guy, I did/do get ribbed about it, but don't care. I'm tired of stuffing my pockets with crap, losing, and dropping things. I recently lost a $600 pair of glasses at work because I stopped carrying my worn out murse. All the more reason to go out and buy a nice bag as a "preventative investment", right? :tup:

    Anyway, I've been reading about I Sold It and their fakes on eBay. This Coach loks too sweet to be a fake, but the creed looks a little too "short and sweet"... Can you help me out here and let me know if you think this bag is the real deal? I appreciate your help -

  2. Hi, Jeff! Welcome to tPF or, in your case, tMF (the Murse Forum) - LOL

    That bag looks authentic and I think it's a great looking bag. Also, it matches Coach's "drilldown" photo (which means the style number matches with the stock photo. Counterfeiters often use real Coach style numbers but their pair them up with the wrong style bag. Here's the drilldown photo for this bag:


    I think the reason people need to be careful with those eBay selling businesses is because some of them just sell whatever is brought in by their customer to sell. Many don't take the time to authenticate their merchandise and they just take their customer's word. The other thing to watch out for is high shipping charges. I have noticed that those businesses sometimes charge outrageous shipping and handling fees.

    Don't take any guff from anyone about carrying a "man bag." My husband carries one and I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. The bag you've picked out is very stylish and anyone who gives you crap about it is probably just jealous or lacks the self confidence to carry one for himself.
  3. Coach has been using that shorter different creed for a short time. I have that item on my watch list too.
  4. Welcome to the PF!
    Please post ALL authenticity questions in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread.we can help u there!
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