Help with a juicy bag

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  1. How long their bags are available are totally hit and miss to me.. I don't think there is such a huge demand for it now that you wouldn't be able to find it, though. I know when the Daydreamer first came out it was IMPOSSIBLE to find!

    It should hold up pretty well as long as you don't cram it full (the bottom is soft so it won't retain that exact shape unless you add chipboard or something sturdy) and keep the fabric as clean as you can. The only sucky thing is that terry really soaks up liquids!
  2. thanks yeah i figured i would have to but a shaper in or something. Do i have to worry about it getting in the rain and getting ruined?
  3. It will probably be around for another 1-2 months... however if it goes off the Juicy site check the nordstroms site... chances are that it is one sale there.