help!! which one?

  1. So i'm going to Portland in 2 weeks and i'm debating whether to get the koala wallet in the damier azur or just regular damier.....opinions? I'm a total neat freak and am afraid the azur will get dirty easy, but it's SO cute!:shrugs:
  2. azur for sure! :yes:
  3. i'd get it in the regular Damier, because it won't get dirty as easily as the Azur could, and i love the red lining that the regular Damier has
  4. Azur is very pretty... but like you, I was worried about getting it dirty... the ebene is less stress & just as gorgeous!! plus that "hidden" red is so sexy! ;)
  5. I think the Azur is so pretty but I also think it would get too dirty. I would go for the regular Damier. I think in the long run you will be much happier.
  6. I'd get Damier!!
  7. Azur is Hot...and beautiful!
  8. the light colore just stress mGo for darkere out too much.
  9. If you like both equally and you are afraid of getting it dirty, then go for the damier and you wont have that worry! The brass/gold (I dont know what it is exactly) buckle looks great on the regular damier!
  10. I would go with regular damier.
  11. I would go with the darker Damier. I :heart: the red lining.:drool:
  12. thanks everyone, i'm going for the regular Damier :smile:
  13. I say damier ebony too because it also matches mono bags better and the azur tends to look kinda weird in bags that arent light in color or also a damier checked bag. JMO. I say go ebony!!