Help!! Which one? Eva, Favorite, or Pochette NM?

  1. Help!! I really want a clutch in the monogram print and I am debating over which one is best. I am looking at either the Eva, Favorite PM or MM, or the Pochette NM with a crossbody strap. I definitely want the crossbody option so the bag can be more versatile. Which one holds the most? Which one can be dressed up and down? Can anyone chime in with pro's and con's if you own any of these? Thanks!!
  2. If I were you, I would go with Eva or Favorite.

    Lining: Favorite has burgundy lining and small slot for cards.

    Closure: Eva has zipper and Favorite has the magnetic closure.

    Strap: Eva clips on both sides. The Favorite's long strap loops through on one side.
  3. IMO, the Favorite looks a bit more elegant.
  4. I like both the Eva and the Favorite. I think if I had to choose, I'd get the Favorite.
  5. I love my Favorite MM. It holds so much but is still a great clutch for nights out.
    I also have a mono pochette and carry that sometimes cross body when I want to be super casual.
  6. With Mono, for clutch and crossbody, choose the Favorite. I think it looks nicer as a clutch than Mono Eva and pochette. However I prefer the removable strap of the Eva with the 2 clips. Now, if you're thinking Damier Ebene, between pochette and Eva, I chose Eva. I think the bigger plate on the DE Eva makes it look more striking and formal when carried in hand as a clutch. I prefer Eva in DE than Mono but that's just me.
  7. I'm not sure I really like the looping strap on the favorite though. I actually prefer the ebene strap on the pochette for cross body and the mono eva with the chain for a clutch. Maybe I should just get the eva de and the mono pochette with a chain. But then that would be so much $$$$$.
  8. I think the Eva is a much classier and prettier bag than the Favorite. I don't like the strap on the Favorite (how it loops through - I think it looks a little cheap to be honest). I also don't like the magnetic closure - prone to pop open if the items in your bag shift at all. I much prefer the Eva and I actually like the mono better in the Eva as well. I don't like the large plate on the ebene - prone to scratches and also more likely to turn silvery over time (and will show up much more when it does due to its size).
  9. +1 My thoughts exactly :biggrin:
  10. I love my Eva. So classy!
  11. ITA. Just bought a mono Eva. Had the same dilemma!
  12. Congratulations! I was on vacation last week and was wishing I had one. I think it's going to be my next bag.
  13. Favourite MM is roomier than Eva. Pochette NM is nice in Vernis or Epi, I don't like it in Mono. Pochette NM is definitely not as roomy. Both but can fit a Zippy wallet but there won't be much space left after that. If you love Mono, then get the Favourite NM because it is roomier.
  14. I have both Favorite MM and Eva... I prefer Favorite as it can hold more (can fit a full size zip wallet) and it looks better worn crossbody on me (I'm a shortie). Eva strap is a little too long for me while Favorite hits perfectly. Good luck deciding!
  15. I have the favorite mm and nm pochette de. I love my favorite. It holds more than the pochette I can fit a zippy wallet and key pouch and iphone and still have room. I'm not a fan of the eva. I don't like the shape of or the feel of it inside. Second choice would be the pochette. I like that it can be dressed up or down. And it has an inside pocket like the favorite. I've gotten crossbody and gold straps inexpensively. Soo I think it comes down to do you want a flap or a zipper. Also with the favorite and the eva you have to be careful with scratching the bar or the plate.