HELP- Which bag!!!!

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  1. I have not purchased a Coach for myself in a long time. I bought one for my daughter and she loves it. I have had several Coach bags in the past, but have strayed to other brands. I went to the store Saturday and went crazy! I can't decide between the Legacy Mandy shoulder or the legacy satchel. Then I saw the Bleeker shopper and am so undecided! I would appreciate some input!! Thanks!
  2. Is a heavy bag an issue with you? I've heard the Mandy and Legacy satchel can be VERY heavy. I haven't seen the Bleecker shopper in person yet, but from the picure, it looks gorgeous! Did you try all the bags on in person? Do you want signature or leather? Any particular color? That could narrow down your choices.
  3. I think that I am going for the Bleeker Shopper. Love the look of it and the size should be perfect. The Legacy bags are heavy and this way I can go for some sunglasses, too! I love the looks of the new duffle bags, but by the time you put everything in them, it becomes a black hole! Structured bags are easier to live with for me. Thanks
  4. So many bags to choose from not enough money!:rolleyes: