Help- which bag should I wear for The LV summer party??

  1. I have the following "problem":
    I'm invited to the LV summerparty which is a pretty posh event with invites only on the 1st of June. My problem is I just have one LV left because I sold all my mono stuff. It's a MC white lodge pm. This goes great with jeans but I'm not sure if I like it with a nice summer dress.
    I have a couple of other bags but they are not LV ( 2 Balenciagas in ink and cornflower, a black Gaucho and a grey Paddy). So which one would you take and what kind of a dress would you wear? It's an evening party and it doesn't say anything about the wardrobe so I assume that it'll be posh but not evening dresses. I'm so desperate that I'm thinking about not going because I don't want to make a fool out of myself with turning up in the wrong dress and bag. I've never been to a party like this so any help would be deeply hearted appreciated.
  2. a sexy backless dress with your pretty white LV
  3. I would think to a LV event you should wear a LV bag. Can you find a nice dress that goes well with your bag? I like the previous suggestion of nice black dress, maybe cotton so not super dressy. or a black and white dress might be nice. HTH.
  4. You MUST wear an LV bag! Trust me,everyone will stare you down if you dont!! LOL! I agree.A cute black summer dress with the MC purse will be cute!
  5. You have to go! Then you can tell us how fabulous it was and what great LV's everyone was wearing!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  6. I would definately wear the LV bag and pick a color from the bag and get the dress in that color. Good luck!!!! Have fun and try to take a couple sneaky camera phone pics!!!!!!
  7. Buy a small pochette or something, they aren't that expensive, and you can probably find one that matches the outfit you plan to wear.
  8. Carry your MC White Lodge PM and wear a cotton dress with a v-shaped neckline - maybe sleeveless and just above the knee, and lovely chandelier earrings.

    I am living vicariously through you! Have fun!
  9. I have a black and white wrap dress which just arrived yesterday which I could wear or a white suit with a colourful shirt. I'll def take my camera with me so I can take pics for you girls. Thanks for your help, ladies!!
  10. That's what I'd do.
    There are so many bright, summery colors on the MC fabric.

    I also like the white suit and bright shirt idea.
  11. oh! The white suit would be gorgeous! :smile: Can you just wear a little cami underneath so you don't cook?

    Sorry, I have one of your LVs... I'm sure it would have loved to have escorted you to the party! Shhhh, we just won't tell her...

    Sounds like a lot of fun! You will have to take pics to show us!! :smile:
  12. Tanja ~ Those Options Sound Great!!! Have So Much Fun!!!!!
  13. Definitely take a LV bag because of I'm the designer, I would want/expect you to wear my brand.

    Take some great photos for us unlucky souls here...
  14. I guess I'll wer the suit because I get cold very easily and unfortunately I don't live under the hot sun.
    Thank you soooo much ladies!!!
  15. LV is a must!!! And you HAVE to give us DETAILS after!!!:yes: