Help! Where can I find a good 32>C,D Bra?

  1. I have skinner upper body and I can never find a Bra that fit me in VS because they don't make Bras bigger than C or D in size 32. I went to NM and ask the SA to find me a 32 D but the cup seems too small(it kind of press down my breast)...........:crybaby:
    Anyone have the same problem or know any good brand that sales 32 D or above?

  2. I am 32D and I don't even bother with VS, I shop at Nordies, I love Wacoal and Felina, they have them all the way 32DD.
  3. Me to, I'm a 40c and VS dosen't carry my size so I shop at department stores. My favorite brand is Bali and Wacoal as these brands seem to have more sizes available.
  4. Try DKNY at Nordstrom. They are great and come in larger cup sizes for 32.
  5. I always thought that I was a 34C, but I got properly fitted at Nordstroms and am actually a 32D. I have been wearing bras from Wacoal and they fit like a glove.
  6. Im a 34 DDD so I feel your pain. I also shop at Nordies. Wacoal offers the best support. Felina isn't very supportive but they are sexy. I also like Chantell and La Mystere.
  7. why dont you look on the vs website and order there they have them online.
  8. try chantelle...i'm a 32dd and they fit great...they are supportive and they have some basic & sexier styles depending on what you need
  9. I'm a 32C - 30D and my favorite brand is le Mystere. They carry every size imaginable. I don't even bother with VS because they have very few choices for people with the small ribcage/big bust combination.
  10. Agent Provocateur. Sexy as hell and they have up to 32F.
  11. I'm a bit bigger at 34D, but I vote for Wacoal and Chantelle too. It's worth paying full price, but Nordstrom's sales/Nordstrom's Rack often have great deals on Wacoal.
  12. I'm a 32D and like you, had the hardest time (especially at VS, where everything I tried on seemed to run small) finding my size! I went to my Macy's and found a bunch of Calvin Klein bras in a 32D that fit perfectly! They have 32DDD as well so maybe that would work for you? They are not very expensive, either, at $38 each, so you can stock up on lots of colors/styles :smile:
  13. Forget VS, seriously! Quality is not good, imho.

    I am a 32 C or D depending on brand. I buy my bras at Nordies, great SA's and fittings.
    Wacoal, Le Mystere, Chantelle are great. Good luck!