help what's the best handbag for vacation?

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  1. Hi everbody! What bag should I take on vacation? Last time I made the mistake of taking my Griet. It was so heavy! I am thinking my Roses speedy, speedy Graffiti pink, Multicolor black Alma, or Mahina xs bronze? I am going to take my roses pochette for at night. I don't have a store here but there are lots on vacation:smile:. I still want to show my LV "color's" so I am not sure about Mahina cause you can't really see the Lv's. We will be walking all day and in and out of casino's and shop's. I will still need room to put my large sunglass case in and I can use my zcp for a wallet. So what do you think? Thanks again:biggrin:
  2. I was going to say your Mahina xs bronze until I saw you say you want to show your LV so maybe your speedy graffiti?
  3. Go for the Mahina XS. For vacation, I'd definitely go with hands-free and a zippered closure.
  4. i'd say either one of the speedys. speedys do have a lot of room, just don't put a lot in it or it will weigh you down. :]
  5. If its summery and hot weather I like the idea of one of the Speedy - either the roses or the grafitti would be nice for the day and definately a pouchette or clutch for the evening - oooh and you need to get yourself a Neverful GM for the plane trip....the perfect travelling companion IMO! Have a great holiday! :drinks:
  6. I vote for Mahina since you can have your hands free. I use my Neverfull MM when I go on's a great worry-free bag that holds a ton!
  7. I think a shoulder bag would be most versatile for vacationing.
  8. For vacationing, I prefer a shoulder bag. I take my NF GM more often than not and it's extra hand to carry shopping bags :graucho: Anyways, out of the choices, I would go for the Mahina just cuz it's hands free.
  9. i would say mahina. the people who know LV will be impressed and the ones who don't know LV.... who cares. lol
  10. take the mahina for sure. You don't want to have to carry a speedy the whole time
  11. ITA w/everyone on the Mahina XS Bronze. I'd want to have the flexibility of being able to be hands-free during a vacation.
  12. Mahina xs Bronze
  13. I say...
    For comfort...Mahina
    For fashion... Graffiti
  14. Among the options, I'd go for Mahina or Graffiti Speedy!!!
    But I'd consider also NF or Totally that I think are more suitable for vacation needs (they're fresh, easy, shoulder bag, quite roomy always awesome!)
  15. so, coming to vegas? I live here and it's HOT right now...I would DEF advise against anything hand / arm held. It will be inconveinent and your arms will be sweaty!! (made that mistake over 4th of july weekend with graffiti speedy) I recommend the mahina for sure. Anyone who knows will know you are carrying a coveted LV!