HELP!! What to wear in las vegas this weekend?

  1. I am going to vegas this weekend, and I need help on wardrobe. I checked the temp is going to be in the high 50s and low 30s. That's pretty cold since I live in southern california.
    What should I wear in the day time? and night time when I am going clubbing? do women wear dresses to clubs, or jeans and nice tops will be fine?
    Please give me your advise!! thanks so much!!!;)
  2. i went to vegas in 06 right before xmas and it was cold. in the day it was ok like low 50s but at night it was def cold. to go to clubs just dress how you usually have those heat lamps outside and cabs are always lined up, also some clubs in hotels have coat checks like tangerine in treasure island. in the day time to walk the strip just dress casual and wear comfy shoes or sneakers because all you do in vegas is walk and walk and walk its endless! and if you decide to end up going to the grand canyon dress veryyyy warm because its freezing over there. when i went i usually just wore layered sweaters and i wore out my juicy suits lol
  3. I'm going this weekend too and I am also from So. Cal. If you are planning to be outside wear a wool coat. Inside the casinos it is heated so you should be fine wearing whatever you want if you are inside.

    For girls for most clubs jeans and a nice top is okay. Not sure about the higher end clubs though. Just check the hotel website for the dress code.
  4. I'll also be in Vegas this weekend! Also being from SoCal, this is what I'm bringing. Dresses for the clubs, with sheer knee highs or tights to go under. I've never gone to a Vegas Club in anything less than a dress, and I don't intend to let the weather stop me now! The only time you'll be outside will be the mad dash from the hotel to a cab, so you shouldn't need a parka for night time.:p For day...just a pair of jeans and a warm sweater ought to be fine. Have fun!
  5. For clubbing, wear a dress, definitely! Skirts are okay.. jeans are too casual. When I went to Jet a few months ago, I was surprised at how very few women were in jeans/pants. The clubgoers in Vegas seem to be dressed to the nines!

    For the day.. wear comfortable but stylish shoes! Looks of walking and (window) shopping to be done ;)
  6. I just got back from Vegas and it is DEFINATELY cold!! I saw some girls waiting for cabs outside in summery clubbing clothing freezing their butts off! Make sure you bring sweaters and a jacket for night...and some tees during the day that you can layer a sweater or hoodie over..when the sun is out it can get warm...but it is still very cold!
    I also agree to bring comfortable walking shoes...unless you are renting a car..but even still, you can end up doing a lot of walking between the bigger hotels/casinos.
  7. i recommend dresses for clubbing but if u have nice jeans in darker washes like R&R's and i nicetop that will work but just accessorize well and wear cute heelsor it will look too casual. with the right make up and shoes jeans can look good at a club. don't forget to have enough fun for all of us on tpf!