HELP!!! What do I do??

  1. Okay... I know this may sound silly to some of you but about 2 weeks ago, I paid my NEW H SA a visit to look at some wallets & bracelets. He showed me a gorgeous ORANGE H Bearn wallet in evercalf. I immediately fell in love w/ it, but wanted the gusset inside the wallet. They didn't have any at the store but he told me he could call & check around to see if other stores have it. Well to make a long story short, I told him not to worry about it & to take his time doing that bc I was in no hurry, esp since the week b4 DH had just bought me my first Kelly/H bag and I didn't want to turn DH into a PHH again!
    So anyways, he just called me today and said that my store just got in THAT wallet & he would put it on hold for me. The thing is, I don't know how to tell him that I can't take the wallet, BC lately DH has been giving me a hard time on my purchases! I don't want to ruin my chances of getting a Birkin in Dec when we go to Paris but HOW do I tell my SA I can't take the wallet. I mean the wallet is peanuts compared to the Birkin but every lil bit counts w/ my DH. So HELP!!!!:crybaby::crybaby::sweatdrop:
  2. Just be honest with your sa and say you have a lot on and your priority is to get a birkin... the wallet can come later ... i have a few birkins and kellys and i only bought a bearn 6 monthes can do without......;)
  3. You could say something like- I am so very sorry to have to say this, but I must decline at this time. Due to personal circumstances that have arisen at this time. Thank him graciously and praise his efforts on your behalf. Apologize ever so slightly etc.

    I know I kind of rambled, but I think you see where I am coming from. You may have to dance around a little bit, but I feel you need too. This will help you stay in a positive rapport with him. You could even follow it up with a little note afterwards.
  4. birkin girl - Really? okay, I hope he'll be okay w/ it. Thanks for the advice. I know it sounds silly how much I worry about offending my SA over something that is probably his job anyways!

    Kellybag - Thanks for ur advice!!! Yes, I DO definitely want to keep up a good rapport w/ him. That's why I didn't know what to do or say! Thanks! I've never had to deal w/ this type of thing before. I AM a newbie to the world of Hermes!!
  5. Hi Moviegirl -

    I know what you are going thru right now, b/c VERY DH gave me the schpeel before and after the HAC bag and the Kelly BAG. I really have to keep my promise. I do shuffle my expenses around....he doesn't really look into those spending habits.

    If you call your SA on the phone, (LUCKILY< IT"S NOT IN PERSON, or FACE TO FACE...I think I would pee in my pants :sad: ), just say matter of factly "Hi, how are you? I got your message, and I think I've changed my mind and I'm not really feeling that color right now. I think it will be better off and loved in another home. I'll come a fewdays or weeks and see if there is something else better for me" BE FIRM AND he won't have to ask you anything.

    otherwise, if you can't live w/o it and it won't hurt your expenses or you won't get in a fight with hubby...shuffle your expenses around and see what you can do....I've charged items using two cards...something reasonable on hubby's and the rest on mine....though mine always gets paid off. :smile:

    There is always the "FRINGE BENEFITS>>>>you may bribe hubby with";)

    GOOD LUCK!!!:heart:
  6. MG, just tell him something came up and you don't even have to elaborate on it. you did get a bag from him last time, plus this is not like you've always done this to him. i know there are other customers that are chronic "next-time" buyers even after stuff are brought in specifically for them.......
  7. ^^Agree with Pazt--no need to give details. Just graciously thank him for making the effort in acquiring the item, but you will have to pass for now.
  8. :yes: It's so hard to say no but I would just be honest with him and tell him you are going to pass this time but thank him for thinking of you. :flowers:
  9. No matter what you say it will be okay and you will get a bag later! It is just hard to do.
  10. I agree with the thoughts expressed above. A gracious phone call to decline followed up with a thank you note indicating your appreciation for his assistance with your kelly purchase and anticipation of future purchases might be in order.
  11. orchids and crochetbella said it best. simple and to the point (the point being, no thank you). i would stick with that: thank you so much but i can't purchase it at this time. i so appreciate the effort you made. period. there is nothing more to say, so don't feel like you have to ramble or anything. he will be gracious about it.
    one big detail now though is that if you know that you will not be buying any other item in that range, do NOT express any interest to him about such things in the future. when we enter a store, it is natural for an SA to expect that we are customers. stores are not, after all, museums.
    oh, one more thing, please post here after you do the deed - no matter what happens, we can make you feel better (i know how you feel and it's not at all fun. thinking of you!!!). maybe hold your kelly on your lap when you make the call, for comfort. i think with a kelly in my lap i could endure a root canal without any numbing. lol
  12. NewHermesLover, pazt, orchids, crochetbella, Kellybag, SoCal, & HiHeels - Thank you all for your advice. I am such a NEWBIE at this!!! I mean I really want the wallet, but other priorities take precedence right now. I will give him a call tomorrow! I will keep you all updated on what happens!:s:sweatdrop:
  13. thinking of you...
  14. UPDATE---Okay so I called John on Tuesday all nervous...I don't know why! But he was not at work bc he had a funeral to attend. Of course that delayed my telling him that I didn't want the wallet one more day. So I called him today and told him in these exact words "Hi John! How r u?? This is Laura. You had an orange bearn wallet on hold for me. I'm sorry but I'm going to put off getting the wallet for now. Thank you again for remembering me" Quick & to the point. He was very understanding and said that he just wanted to let me know that he didnt forget about me and that since one came in he put it on hold for me....PHEW!!! :upsidedown::shame::noworry:

    Okay okay, I know I was probably being overparanoid and silly! Thanks all you ladies for the advice & support!!!;);)
  15. i am glad it all worked out for you.. but i think that was pretty nerve-wreaking.. you did good....