Help! What are the names of the tokidoki characters?!

  1. Blarg.
    I saw the chart on the Tokidoki Blog site, but there's soooooo many more characters! Do I just start making up names for them all!? I mean the Adios Star and Famiglia prints have a zillion and one characters...not to mention the other prints! YARG!
  2. You gotta ask Simone Legno for the others' names.

    Edit: My favs are Adios and Peperocino
  3. I would like to know their names too! I only know a few of them.
  4. That's so funny you posted this. When I went to the signing on 12/8 there were a bunch of people trying to name characters on their bags. The conversation got quite interesting and heated at time.

    Most of the new talk was over the new cactus pups mini figures. Everyone was buying them up and trying to gues the names.

    I mentioned your blog and told people to check it out for the most comprehensive list of names around :tup:
  5. You're welcome. :smile: And no, as far as I know, the bunny doesn't have a name (I call him Vampire Bunny).

    And Mickey - good looking out! :heart:
  6. I'd like to know the name of the Elf in the tree of the Vacanze print though.
  7. [​IMG] Bastardino

    [​IMG] Momo bella

    [​IMG] Belle vaca

    [​IMG] Bolle Bolle