Help wearing Belt!! Corset style...wwyd?

  1. Hey guys,
    I picked up a new Linea Pelle woven belt today at TJMaxx. It was a great price---only $20! but I'm on a super strict budget so i can only keep it if i absolutely love it.

    anyone have any experience with a corset style belt? would you wear it to cinch in a basic black dress? do you guys even like it or is it over the top?

    thanks for any and all feedback
  2. I like that style of belt. It looks great over a coat, like a fitted puffer. It also transforms a loose fitting dress or top (like the ones popular last season).
  3. I love it. Honestly you can wear it with practically anything! At the moment I love wearing belts over a cardigan.. like you'd wear a top underneath & have the cardigan open with the belt over it.