Help! Want a Burberry Coat!

  1. Hi everyone -

    So I've wanted a black Burberry quilted jacket for a few years now and am ready to make the big purchase. I was just wondering about those of you who have one - which one do you like best? I'm also fairly petite, I'm only 5"2 so I was wondering if any of you are vertically challanged like me and own the jacket, and what you think of it.

  2. I have this one and I love it! I also have/had a long quilted brown one with a very nice signature plaid wool lining but since 2 is the smallest size Burberry makes, it was too big on me =(

    I definitely think you should go for it, I'm around your height and I like the shorter ones best.
  3. that's so pretty? Is it warm? I want one!!:love:
  4. I havent worn it yet :push: But I dont think it would be too warm though since it's pretty thin
  5. I'm your height and I weight about108lbs and I have the Edenson in black-I had to get a medium because the small was so tight i couldn't even zip it! I have it in pink too! I love them both!