Help w/ One Big Buy: Lodge, Priscilla, or Audra?


Black MC: Lodge, Priscilla, Audra, or something else?

  1. Lodge

  2. Priscilla

  3. Audra

  4. Other: I will mention it in my comment below.

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  1. I am going on an hk trip in three weeks and was initially deciding between getting a shirley or an eliza but now I have decided to just get something that I will surely 1) love, 2) use a lot, and 3) get many raves for.:yes: It is a very big step for me and will probably have to last me for at least 8 months or so as the price point is quite higher than my usual.:sweatdrop: It might be my only black MC piece for a looong time too as I am looking to get a damier azur and a white mc after this (which will not be happening until I am able to save some moolah hehe).:smile:

    LV's I have so far: Mono batignolles vertical and speedy 25; and Damier speedy 30 and pochette melville.

    I am choosing a black multicolore bag in either the priscilla, lodge, and audra and am looking to use it for going to the mall, family dinners, and dates with bf and friends.:smile: Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated! I really need to think this through a lot so that I can be sure that the hardwork i went through saving for it is worth the one bag I will end up getting!

    Oh and I love all three! maybe the least would be the audra but only because I'm scared of the metal in the handles tarnishing.

    Here are pics for those who aren't too sure which is which:



  2. I would be scared of the tarnishing on the audra, too. Between these 3, I would choose the Lodge first, since you are going to be busy and it might be easier to have a shoulder bag. However, I like the priscilla better overall. But having a handbag may become annoying if you're using it all day long and want your hands free. I think the priscilla has such a cute shape and it would look good with casual or dressy clothes. I think the lodge is more casual.
  3. I also think a shoulder bag would be more practical. I tried this IRL and it's really comfortable and very sleek with room. I vote the Lodge.
  4. I voted for the Lodge. I like Priscilla in white mc better.
  5. I chose the Lodge, only because I have one and love it. I tried on the Audra at the LV Boutique and all the hardware made it heavy. And the priscilla is to bulky for me.
  6. I love the Lodge PM!
  7. lodge :yes:
  8. wow straight row of votes all for the lodge! :smile: keep 'em coming gorgeous people! heehee
  9. Lodge. I have one and love it. It is a great shoulder bag and one you don't see around often!
  10. I have to vote for the audra. It looks so feminine!
  11. I'd get the lodge, it's adorable and more practical IMO (If I had all three it would get the most usage of all)
  12. I like the audra best.
  13. I'd go with the Lodge, there aren't many MC shoulder bags, and this is a cute one.
  14. I like the Lodge.
  15. hey, what happen to the pp who voted for Priscilla? lol. Audra is out b/c it's open top, Lodge is cute, but the design seems pretty common-if you don't count the MC print, Priscilla is so adorable and unique design even w/o the MC print. But I guess it all depends on which one you feel more comfortable w/, enjoy your trip! :beach: