Help w/ Coach Shoes

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  1. I bought these coach ballet flats. -- they look just like the ones on the bottom, with the khacki signature fabric, only no blue stripes.

    Now I'm wondering if I'll really wear them much. Would you?

    If so, how, with what? Would it be cute and preppy to wear them casual along with a coach khacki sig tote...or would that look dorky, matchey, matchey?

  2. I love those shoes. I'm getting the exact pair you got! Those siggy shoes will look great with a sig tote or a solid blue bag. I generally wear coach with coach.
  3. ^^Cool! I think they'd look awesome w/ a blue coach bag! Mine actually don't have the blue, but are otherwise the same.

    They are actually carrying them at TJMaxx right now in my area on mega sale (around $75) if you'd be interested. But I do like the blue swope (which TJ's doesn't have.)

    Will you be doing them with Jeans? Other ideas?:flowers:
  4. I saw some girl wear a pair like these at the williamsburg outlet mall. I always thought they would look horrible but she proved me wrong. They were really cute & she wore them well.
  5. I think they are adorable! I just bought a pair of flats kind of similar to those and they are sooooo comfortable. You can wear them w/ capri pants/jeans, jean skirts...etc. I wore mine yesterday and didn't want to take them
  6. I bought the black pair and am returning them--I tried them on with all of my jeans and didn't look right on me. I think ballerina shoes look great on everyone else but me.
  7. I absolutely love flats. I wear them with almost everything-jeans, capris, dresses, pretty much everything. I love the coach flats.
  8. I bought both the blue and brown and find that they are both very versatile. I can't say that they are comfortable though, maybe I need to break them in. I ended up returning the blue one's and keeping the brown mainly because of the comfort factor. After inserting footsies in the back it helped with the blisters.

    I pretty much wear them with anything - shorts, jeans, skirts, you name it and who needs to match all the time anyways?! :upsidedown:
  9. ^ yes, i get insane blisters with ALL my Coach shoes!! ARgh
  10. I think that they are so cute, however in my experience and imho their shoes are really uncomfortable and have so little support that you get relief just slipping them off and being barefoot for a bit.
  11. they'll look great with jeans. ;)